The following is a transcription of a manuscript from the Jean S. Morgan Collection, Courtesy of the Rosenberg Library - Galveston and Texas History Center.

“Talk made by Wm. M. Morgan at the organizational meeting of the Friends of Rosenberg Library May 22, 1940”
  Wm. M. Morgan William Manning Morgan
1926-1957 Chmn or Sec Rosenberg Library Board of Trustees
1932-1944 Sec Board of Directors
1945-1957 Pres Board of Directors

“It is indeed a pleasure this evening to greet you who have evinced an interest in the welfare of your public library by attending this meeting.

Mrs. Pauls, Mr. Ibbotson, and I have been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Rosenberg Library to promote an organization the purposes of which were outlined in our letter to you of some days ago.

It might be well to refresh your memories of the public library movement in Galveston. In 1871 the first public library in Texas was opened in Galveston, The Galveston Mercantile Library supported by gifts and subscriptions and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Three years later the city council accepted the gift of the Library from the Chamber of Commerce upon the simple stipulation that it be made free “for the use of all citizens of Galveston,” and that the city should provide funds for its 'maintenance, preservation, and increase.' During the following years, the library was supported by public appropriations and by gifts.

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