Minutes - Page  3
May 15, 1940
“Mr. Morgan, Chairman of the Committee on Friends of the Rosenberg library, reported that he and the librarian had conferred with Mrs. P. C. Pauls, who had consented to act as chairman of the organization committee, and that the meeting to organize Friends of the Rosenberg Library was scheduled to be held May 22. He outlined the plans for the organizaton, and submitted copies of suggested constitution and by-laws.”
[no meetings in July and August]
September 18, 1940
“Mr. Morgan reported on the gradual increase in membership of Friends of the Rosenberg Library, and also reported that the organization had appropriated $500.00 and paid that sum to the library for the purchase of books. The following committees of the organization are already organized and at work: Membership Committee, Publicity Committee, Committee on Memorial Gifts.”
October 14, 1941
“Contract with County approved for final submission to Commissioners.”
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