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March 23, 1940 Purpose of the organization
“Mr. Morgan proposed that an organization of Friends of the Library be planned and carried out for the purpose of assisting the Board to secure money for the purchase of books and to promote a more widespread public interest in the Rosenberg Library. He reminded the Board that an organization of this nature had previously been considered but not definitely undertaken, and he believed the time had come to plan the formation of such a group. It was moved by Mr. Harris and seconded by Mr. McCullough that Mr. Morgan and Mr. Ibbotson be appointed a committee with power to act on the proposal to organize Friends of the Library. The motion was unanimously carried, and the President, Dr. Randall, appointed the committee accordingly.”
April 24, 1940 Constitution and by-laws
“Mr Morgan reported as Chairman of the Special Committee on Friends of the Rosenberg Library that plans had been drawn up by the committee for consideration by the Board. He presented suggested constitution and by-laws of the proposed organization to be named Friends of the Rosenberg Library, and an outline of procedure recommended for the formation of the organization. After some suggestions had been made by members present, it was moved by Mr. McCullough, seconded by Mr. Tidemann, and voted that the plans be approved by the Board and that the Special Committee go forward with the plans.”
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